Until Every Child is Home

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From Dr. Chipman,

I wrote Until Every Child Is Home because I have seen that God’s instruction for His people to care for orphans is not only what we should be doing because He said to and because we find needy kids across the globe, but also because by doing good for kids we are doing good for ourselves. I want local churches to see that by coming together to meet the needs of vulnerable kids, we advance our church ministries. Orphan care is strategic, compelling work, a means and not just a goal. Orphan care ministries do not suck the life out of a church—as some might think they would. Rather, foster-care, adoption, and support ministries enhance the general ministry of our local church.

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1 review for Until Every Child is Home

  1. Skye Singleton

    I believe every Christian should read this book, more importantly, every pastor, elder, and deacon must read this book. To think of the impact we can have on this country’s next generation if just one family in every church across the United States were to join the foster care program. The number of lives that would be impacted by the gospel would be tremendous.

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