The Ascension of Christ


The Ascension is essential to the gospel.


The good news of Jesus includes his life, death, resurrection, and future return?but what about his ascension? Though often neglected or misunderstood, the ascension is integral to the gospel.

In?The Ascension of Christ,?Patrick Schreiner argues that Jesus? work would be incomplete without his ascent to God?s right hand. Not only a key moment in the gospel story, Jesus? ascension was necessary for his present ministry in and through the church. Schreiner argues that Jesus? residence in heaven marks a turning point in his three-fold offices of prophet, priest, and king. As prophet, Jesus builds the church and its witness. As priest, he intercedes before the Father. As king, he rules over all.

A full appreciation of the ascension is essential for understanding the Bible, Christian doctrine, and Christ?s ongoing work in the world.

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