Sola How the Five Solas are Still Reforming the Church


Why do people get so excited about a bunch of Latin phrases, that some guys in Europe came up with 500 years ago? Sure, those five Latin phrases have defined Protestantism for those 500 years, but why do they matter today? To my church? For my life? What?s the big deal about all these solas anyway?


  • Sola scriptura ? Scripture alone
  • Sola fide ? Faith alone
  • Sola gratia ? Grace alone
  • Solus Christus ? Christ alone
  • Soli Dei Gloria ? To the glory of God alone


Sola?is a winsome, inspiring introduction to these five pillars of the Reformation, showing not just what they are but why they?re important for the Christian life today. Edited and compiled by Jason Allen,?Sola?will illuminate these core truths that have been reforming the church all along. And it may just get you excited about nerdy Latin phrases too.

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