Handbook of Multicultural Counseling Competencies


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Handbook of Multicultural Counseling Competencies?draws together an expert group of contributors who provide a wide range of viewpoints and personal experiences to explore the identification and development of specific competencies necessary to work effectively with an increasingly diverse population. Beginning with a Foreword by Derald Wing Sue, this unique handbook offers a broad, comprehensive view of multiculturalism that is inclusive and reflective. The coverage in this important book lies beyond the scope of traditionally defined multiculturalism, with discussion of historically overlooked groups that have experienced prejudice and bias because of their size, social class, age, language, disability, or sexual orientation.


This book provides readers with:

  • Practical cases and examples to enhance skill development, promote critical thinking, and increase awareness
  • A cross-section of diversity characteristics and best practice guidelines
  • Examination of detailed, developmentally relevant competency categories
  • Resources and exercises designed for practitioners at various levels of experience and expertise
  • A forum for debate, discussion, and growth


Designed to help readers enhance general multicultural competency and their ability to provide services to the populations specifically described, this thought-provoking text will prove useful in facilitating ongoing dialogues about multicultural competence in all its variations.

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