Fulfill Your Student Ministry


The fact that you picked up this little book means you sense something isn’t quite right in the world of Student Ministry. And you don’t need a sociologist or some team of expert Student Pastors firing a bunch of stats at you to figure it out either. You know something has gone wrong, but you can’t quite put your finger on it. Or, maybe you have put your finger on it, but you want confirmation. Fulfill Your *Student Ministry is meant to serve as a Biblical recalibration for churches and Student Pastors. It is both a manifesto and field guide. Each chapter begins with a manifesto-like statement (the local church, evangelism, preaching, the gospel, sexual holiness, etc.) which contains components of affirmation and denial. Each statement is meant to sharpen and bring clarity and ultimately shape your student ministry in order to bring about maximal biblical faithfulness and health to your local church and student ministry.


Sam Bierig and his stellar team of writers believe Student Ministry isn’t only worth salvaging, but they actually believe that a biblically healthy and ecclesiologically conscious Student Ministry can still thrive.

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